Faster turnaround for rapid execution of construction projects

Attention to details and problem-solving approach

Use of advanced technologies and applications to make the process faster and accurate

Expertise in planning small to large and complex civil engineering projects

A team of qualified engineers who have complete knowledge about international standards, local construction regulations

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Construction Services

Civil support for oil and Gas Operations

  • Access roads, including bridges and culverts
  • Drill locations with associated facilities.
  • Well extension facilities and early production facilities
  • Water wells, Water storages, pumping stations and water distribution lines.
  • Steel structures with associated works.
  • Camps setup and maintenance.

Flow lines and Mechanical works

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline EPC
  • Oil Storage Facility Construction 
  • Pipeline Inspection Services 
  • Welding & Fabrication Services 
  • Oil Storage Facility Construction 
  • Facilities Maintenance & Renovation Service
  • Storage Tank Maintenance & Calibration Services 
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