Faster turnaround for rapid execution of construction projects

Attention to details and problem-solving approach

Use of advanced technologies and applications to make the process faster and accurate

Expertise in planning small to large and complex civil engineering projects

A team of qualified engineers who have complete knowledge about international standards, local construction regulations

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Consultancy engineering services

Site Survey

Survey services for large and small projects. Standard practices include control for photogrammetric base mapping, establishing geodetic control, first order GPS surveying, ALTA surveys, road cross sections and parcel mapping, Using the latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and (TPS) equipment.

Our survey services include

  • As-Built Surveys & Certification
  • Underground Utility Locating Services
  • Land boundary and Acquisition survey

Design services

  • All civil design work associated with oil and gas operations, which include Access roads, drill sites production sites with concrete pads and foundations.
  • Hydraulic design of water distribution systems.
  • Steel structure design
  • Concrete structure design

Master planning of small to big projects.

Construction management , inspection and material testing.

Complete professional supervision team in all engineering sectors.

  • Civil, Mechanical, electrical and geological engineering supervision.
  • Professional HSE supervision
  • Project documents such as bill of quantities, scope of works etc.
  • Project control documents including progress reports and S curves
  • Project QA / QC documents preparations and control ,
  • Project HSE documents preparations and fallow up
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